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"Brian Skinner"

Story of the bike

This Yeti Ultimate was found by Steven Nereo in an auto shop in L.A. covered in layers of oil and dust. It looked like it had a bit of a story, maybe a race bike, so I was immediately interested.


I found the "Imagine It Graphics" decal on the top tube, so I messaged them. Jim Conquest is the owner, he replied shortly afterwards and had already called the original owner of the bike, Brian Skinner, who was currently in China.


This was the dirtiest bike I've ever seen, the oil/dust/dirt layer was so hard to get off, I probably spent at least a full week on cleaning it.

The Club Roost Ibeam stem was cracked and it seemed like this was an early prototype, so impossible to replace and it looks also a bit ugly in my opinion, so i was happy when Brian told me that he had used a Answer A-Tac previously.

Most parts are still original, I tried to save every bolt, lots of labor and love went into this project.


Brian was given the nickname "Skingame" by Zap Espinoza, hence the top tube decal.


Brian Skinner developped the Descender, the first ever rear suspension MTB, he then worked for Shimano, Answer, Onza, Club Roost, etc

He was also neighbour and riding buddy of John Tomac. Brian hooked him up with a Shimano sponsorship when Tomac was racing for Mongoose in the late 80's.



More info wll be added.



Photo Gallery

Photo by Tommy Breeze
Photo by Tommy Breeze
Photo by Tommy Breeze
Photo by Tommy Breeze

How the bike arrived

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