"Anna Huber"

Story of the bike

This is a Team Cycleworld / Fast Feather team bike, raced by Anna Huber.


In 2015 we moved to California and this bike showed up on ebay, being sold in the US. I thought it looked cool and had some good parts, so I was bidding on it and got it for a fair price. (I actually stopped on a training ride to put my bid). Curtlo wasn't a big name in Europe, only very few might know them at all, so I had no idea what I got. Unpacking the bike, I realized there was the name "ANNA HUBER" under the bottom bracket, instead of a serial number. I probably bought the bike directly from her, but I missed to save her ebay seller name and then the listing had disappeared. 


The bike came what I believe is mostly original, although it has to get restored yet, which in this case means: cleaning, polishing and mounting the correct ATI grips, a period correct set of Smoke/Dart tires and Shimano 737 pedals.



Sky Boyer, Cycle World team member:

Yeah, I sure was on that team. We had quite a few sponsors including Action Tec and Curtlo. At the time Curtlo was just a few miles outside of LA county, about 10 miles from Cycle World. For that year 7 frames were floated to the team, I got one too. All had custom Shades paint jobs. Shades worked out of the same barn as Doug Curtiss.

As for Anna, I remember the name but that’s about all. I was 16 at that time. I have the same bike but mine is beat to shit in comparison, Anna’s look really good still. I have another bike from that team that I fully restored as well. It was even rougher than mine. Erik Rumpf has one as well. I can’t remember how many years we got 7 frames but it was at least 2 years. I can’t remember which magazine but Curtlo made the cover I think twice. Another time a Team Cycleworld racer in full kit hit the cover because at Big Bear Mountain the photographer caught a perfect photo of him entering a turn with a two wheel slide. The article was how to slide into corners.

Sorry I don’t know much of anything about Anna. I believe she was in the sport a pretty short amount of time.


Daniel from Germany owns another Cycle World team bike, raced by Linda Peace:



More info and photos will be added

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