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"Susan DeMattei"

Story of the bike

I'm not exactlly sure how to date this bike. It seems like this was a 1993 frame which got upgraded over 1-2 years with newer parts like the Manitou 4 (available late 94) and M910 seat post (dated 10/94).

The fork has her name written on the brake arch and her initials are on the rims. There're also a few sponsor decals on the frame as well as a UCI tag #0804 on the top tube and rear rim. Another control number is painted on the top tube.

She was very often in 3rd or 4th place overall, using that number at many World Cups and NORBA races, so it's almost impossible to narrow it down that way.

Susan had mostly choosen the brand new Shimano XT group set over the older XTR M900.


She finished 6 times on the podium in 1993 and 7 times in 1994, both times claiming 4th at the UCI MTB World Cup overall.

In 1994 she won the Australian World Cup in Cairns and a silver medal at the World Championships in Vail, in 1996 she won a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Photo Gallery

How the bike arrived

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