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"François Gachet"


Story of the bike

François Gachet was the first rider to start the domination of the French Sunn Chipie team during the 90's. Part of that success was the innovative Sunn Radical+ that was developed by Olivier Bossard (now BOS supension) under the leadership of Max Commencale (now Commencale bikes).

Gachet won the 1994 World Cup overall with 4 wins in Cap d'Ail, FRA - Hindelang, GER - Kaprun, AUT and Silverstar, CAN.

He then also went on to win the World Championships, which was every year the main goal for the team and the bikes actually got specifically designed to fit the World Championship track of that same year. 

This was one of his 4 bikes that had been used during the 1994 season.

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