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1997 VOLVO CANNONDALE CAAD3 "Tinker Juarez"

Story of the bike

This is Tinkers frame from the 1997 World Championships in Chateau-d'Oex (CH).

It still has the UCI tag #25 on the top tube, as he finsihed the World Cup season in 25th overall position and the Worlds were held afterwards.


I barely have any photos of Tinker from that year, only 2 from the 2nd round World Cup in Wellington, NZ and one from the start of the Cactus Cup, which was held in fall that year.

Towards the end of 1997. 


All the team bikes were equipped very similar, using the Avid Arch brakes, Mavic Crossmax wheels, Sachs Quartz group set etc.

Only pedals, saddle and some other small adjustments were allowed.

This makes it easier to figure out the parts, even without an actual photo of it. 


The frame was produced in May, for the 2nd half of the season. I built the bike together, using a few other team parts or parts from other team bikes. Fork and stem supposedly belonged to one of Tinkers other bikes which I had bought for that purpose, but not all the parts were original. The Gore housing and liners are NOS and were given to the Trek team as part of their sponsorship.

The oval Mavic sticker on the seat stay is covering the older rectangular Mavic logo. Mavic changed the logo mid 96'. I don't know why Cannondale didn't update it, even this bike was built almost a year later. 


Photo Gallery


Tinker racing in 97'

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