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 "Kim Sonier"


Kim Sonier (USA)

DH Vice-World Champion 1992, 1993

DH World Cup Overall Winner 1994

DH World Cup Round Wins: 3

NORBA National DH Overall Champion 1994

It is with great sadness that we have heard about the passing of Kim on April 2nd, 2022. 

Kim Sonier Obituary:

Kim Sonier was born July 31, 1963 and passed away April 2, 2022. She was an exceptional mathematics instructor at Coconino Community College for many years. She was a very athletic person and excelled at downhill bicycle racing, racquetball, and gymnastics. She was a world traveler and most recently was focused on the western US National Parks. Most importantly she was the mother of Abby Sonier, whom she gave all her love and support to help Abby become the independent person she is today. Kim loved her four dogs and her three cats and was an avid supporter of all animals. She is survived by her parents Judy and Carl, her brother Tim, and her daughter, Abby.



Story of the bike


This is Kim Sonier's all original 1998 season Volvo Cannondale Fulcrum race bike that I received from one of her mechanics.

It's "just" missing the fork.. yeah that Moto 150, which was only available for team riders.

I used a Moto FR fork for now to build the bike up. It's the fork that was used in the previous season and the fork crowns are actually identical to the team prototype fork.

On most Fulcrums, the Moto 150 forks are missing, as they probably went back to the Cannondale lab to examinate them for wear and tear.

This fork was the base for the one legged Lefty fork. The square stanchions and needle bearings turned out to be super strong and stiff, so that the engineers and team mechanics were joking about taking one leg off and still being able to ride it - 2 years later, the Lefty was introduced.

Kim's bike also had a lock-out for the rear shock, that was activated through the left side Sachs Power Grip shifter.

The bike came with a front wheel from Todd Snider and the rear wheel from Missy Giove.

Here's a great video and article explaining the technology of the Fulcrum.


Video at The Pro's Closet Museum Series #4: Myles Rockwell's 1998 Cannondale Fulcrum:


Article on bikeradar - Throwback Thursday - 1998 Cannondale Fulcrum DH:


Race Photos

1998 World Cup #5 Snoqualme Pass Seattle, WA  - 5th place

1998 World Cup #5 Snoqualme Pass Seattle, WA - 5th place

Photo by Mark Dawson @

Kim's race numbers #8 from Stellenbosch and #5 from Kaprun where she finished 4th

Kim's race numbers #8 from Stellenbosch and #5 from Kaprun where she finished 4th

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