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"Alison Sydor"

Story of the bike

Alison raced this bike at the 2000 Olympics and probably afterwards as I found more photos with the - what I believe - unique paint job to remember her silver medal from 1996 in Atlanta.

Also this one of only very few CAAD6 prototype frames. Only a few riders actually rode this, Cadel Evans prefered to stay on the CAAD5.

The CAAD6 never went into production. It has seat and chain stays from a road bike (assuming the CAAD6 road bike) and failed testing.

The wheels were left in Australia after Olympics as it was too expensive to ship them back to the States, so this front wheel still has the sticker from Alla Epifanova along with the Russian flag and a UCI tag sticker.

The pedals have the initial KL which means they belonged to Kashi Leuchs.

The Lefty ELO fork is empty and outside is written "bad bearings". This fork had a electrically operated lockout.

There's a piece of black tape around the down tube with someones initials. I assume this was to remember someone who back then had recently passed away.

This photo was from when it was displayed in a bike shop on the east coast. 


More to follow. 

Photo Gallery


Alison racing in 2000'

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