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Born: 1979 in Luxembourg

Biking since: 1990

Racing since: 1992

Disciplines raced: XCO, XCM, END, DHI

Racebikes: Fezzari Signal Peak SL

Team: - 

Favorite race: Downieville Classic

Favorite racer : John Tomac


Best achievements:



2nd TBF Gold Rush Team Mixed

3rd Good News MTB Races Overall Cat.1

3rd Good News Johnson Springview Park Cat.1

3rd Good News Maidu Park Cat.1

5th Good News Willow Hill Reservoir Cat.1

6th CA Dirt Series Susanville Cat.1

11th Saarschleifen Bike Half Marathon

12th Lost & Found Gravel 60 miles

23th Stetina's Paydirt Gravel

Finisher Bike Transalp (7 days)


2nd Lemurian Classic Cat.2

2nd River Valley Rumble Cat.2

2nd TBF MTB Throwdown Cat.2

3rd TBF MTB Showdown Cat.2

3rd TBF MTB Mayhem Cat.2

3rd Good News, Sanchez Ranch Cat.2

4th TBF Gold Rush Growler Cat.2

5th Great Trail Race Truckee 

7th Laramie Range Epic 

16th Heart of Gold Gravel

18th Arkansas Enduro Series Fayetteville


2nd Keyesville Classic XCC Vintage Class

2nd Keyesville Classic SD Vintage Class

4th Keyesville Classic XCO Vintage Class


2nd CA State Championship Series Cat.2

3rd CA Dirt Series Round Mountain Cat.2

3rd CA Dirt Series Osborne Hill Cat.2

4th CA Dirt Series Dascombe Cat.2

6th Downieville Classic Cat.2

8th CA Dirt Series Susanville Cat.2


6th Downieville Classic Cat.2

4th CA Dirt Series Dascombe Cat.2

5th CA Dirt Series Round Mountain Cat.2


2nd TBF Gold Rush Growler Cat.2

41th Grinduro Gravel



7th National Championships XCO Master

10th Old Cabin Classic Cat.1

121th UCI Marathon World Championships



3rd Downieville Classic Cat.2

3rd CCCX #5 XC Series Cat.2

5th CA XC State Championships Cat.2

6th US Nationals XCO Cat.2


1st Bank1Saar Marathon Short

2nd National Championships Enduro Elite

3rd Sebamed Bike Days Marathon Short

4th Overall Team MTB X-Challenge

9th National Championships Marathon Elite

11th National Championships XCO Masters

31st UCI Masters World Championships XCO

Finisher Trans Schwarzwald (5 days)



1st Schinderhannes Marathon Short

1st Team Vulkanbike Marathon Short

2nd Sebamed Bike Days Marathon Short

3rd MTB Festival Buechel Marathon Short

3rd Team Mixed Gruene Hoelle Freisen 

4th Downieville Classic Cat.2

4th Overall Eifel-Mosel-Cup Hobby

5th Overall Team MTB X-Challenge

9th Overall MTB X-Challenge

Finisher Hot Marathon Houffalize (3 days)

Finisher Bike Four Peaks (4 days)



2nd Gallahaan Trail Marathon Short

4th Sebamded Bike Days Marathon Short

4th Schinderhannes Marathon Fun

6th IXS Enduro Half Marathon Neustadt a.d.W.

Finisher Trans Zollernalb (3 days)



1st Downieville Classic Cat.3

1st Northstar Series Cat.2

3rd Team Moselhoehenbiking 

4th Overall Eifel-Mosel-Cup Hobby



1st Kirkwood Festival XC Cat.3

3rd Kirkwood Festival Super D



26th BeNeLux Championships DH (1st Lux)


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