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Next event: SoNoMás

We're getting excited about Bike Monkey's XC race at Lake Sonoma on Saturday.

In their words it is:

The Hardest XC

Six years in and we still need to say it: This event is not a joke, though you will likely need to laugh in order to get through it. It is a true test of your fitness in every sense. Lake Sonoma is a very rugged place with the terrain to match. Isolation is a regular condition out there, so be safe and try to silence the nagging voices in your head. In short, if you’re considering entering this event, you should be training for it.


The SoNoMás race course is 34.5 grueling miles of steep terrain. Normally, the hot weather causes a fair few folks to have to abandon the race. Hopefully, this spring will allow folks to roll through this course without having to nuke their internal organs. Make no mistake, though: you will feel every inch of this race. The climbs are short, steep, and come at you constantly. The descents are of a similar character. There are very few long climbs to set into and just as few long descents to use to get around all those people who passed you on the climbs. Expect to pedal and, should you be racing your singlespeed, do some research when selecting your gearing.


So let's see what happens, we're prepaired and I even got a supension fork for my bike ;-) We both race Cat.2, my goal is to finish inside the top 10.

Anyway we're looking forward to free beer and burgers afterwards!!

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