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3rd place for Casandra at the Napa Valley Dirt Classic

Last weekend we drove up to Angwin through the Napa Valley with it's vineyards and fancy vineries - honestly it looks like they are trying hard to copy the Italian and French vine regions, but not the same yet.

I felt a little tired, after the start I was top 10, just wanted to keep my rythme and save some energy for the final climb. But my legs felt heavy and I lost more and more spots. The course was a weird melange of fireroads, very small single trails through the woods and dusty, rough, steep downhills and climbs on the other side of the hill. The last climb was really though, but I managed to ride it all the way up, past some riders and left our group behind me. I finished quit relaxed in 9th place (Cat.2 age 35-44). That's ok for a day were I was never able to push hard.


Casandra wanted to make up for last race when she took the wrong way and she was trying hard to pass as most as possible female riders. She crashed twice and her bottle cage holder came off, but she still finished in a good time, passing 11 riders on the last climb!


A 3rd place with podium and medal for the efforts was the result - good job, saved our day!


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