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Downieville - Back to THE Classic!

Welcome back to the beautiful gold mining town of Downieville in the middle of the Sierra Mountains! After 2011 and 2013 this was our 3rd time up here.

Don't worry, this was one of the daily 10min rain showers - actually the first real rain I saw since I moved here in march!

Chillin with some tacos

My great (and fast) training partner Jackie!

The race starts in Sierra City with a 7 miles climb with almost 3000 feet up to Packer Saddle, followed by 22 miles mostly downhill singletrails crossing bridges and creeks with rough and big rock sections with names like "Babyheads".

I had some issues during the race, leg cramps and a technical problem... but the worst was seeing our friend and teammate laying on the last section of the trail with a couple broken bones in his back. The paramedics took good care of him and airlifted him to the Reno hospital, where he was able to leave after one day without need of surgery and without any remaining damage but in lots of pain.

Results were not so important at this time, but a 3rd place in Cat.2 is always sweet. Jackie finished 2nd in the womens Cat.1 - Awesome!

After the race stress we relaxed a little and were trying to find some gold, but I guess those times are over but the storys from the older generations are still exciting to hear!

Thanks to everybody for their support - my wife Casandra, our new friends Jackie, Bonnie, Caity and Michelle, Glenn and Irmke from the Wild Plum Ridge Cabin, John and Steve from Team CVC

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