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Old Cabin Classic in Santa Cruz

The Old Cabin Classic is back after 20 years. I have no idea what the course looked like back then, but the recent loop is super fun, mostly single trails and with some awesome ocean views!

We got a little late to the venue and just jumped on our bikes to make it to the start area to pick up the numbers. No warm up, but a pre ride the weekend before had to be enough preparation.

This is the first time I signed up for Cat.1 Expert, age class was 19-39. One lap was 11 miles (17,7 km), I had to do 3 laps, Casandra 2 in Cat.2

After starting on a narrow bridge, we went right away uphill and I realized that my saddle was too low. No idea how this could happen, maybe it slipped down on the last ride, but 3,5 inch (9 cm) is a lot and I was taking it as easy as possible.

My bike setup wasn't quiet perfect yet, as I realized during the race and with some adjustments done by now I know how much better it could have been but after 1,5 laps I felt more comfortable with the bike and was able to take smoother lines.

I had fun and my endurance was never an issue, although right before the very last downhill to the finish line I cramped as a result of the low seat position.

I finished in 10th out of 15 riders, which is quiet good for my first Expert race.

Casandra did a good job too, the hardtail was beating her up on those rough, rocky sections, but she loves the bike and seems not to be ready to switch to a full suspension. She finished 8th in Cat.2 (age 19-39) with some really fast girls ahead of her.

After the race we were hanging out at the expo area and checking out the vintage bikes. Maybe next time I'll do that class!

Wilder Ranch State Park

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