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California Enduro Series @ Toro Park

Enduro racing needs specific training and it's hard to find the balance between endurance and short sprint races. Over the last 7 months, I did maybe 10 MTB rides, got my Ripley build up 2 weeks ago, just did another few changes the night before and I didn't really know any of the courses, just rode Stage #4 before the race as warm up - and I felt very warm afterwards!

Waiting 1 hour in the heat for your turn and then go all in feels just brutal and neither your skills or muscles are awake.

My best time was on the stage I practiced (#4), even I didn't like it very much, with all that very loose sand.

The second stage I raced (#3) was super fast, mostly fire road. Some guys went down with over 40mph. For me, not knowing what's up next felt horrible...

My focus was on stage #1 and #2 as they were less steep and fitness was a matter. Unfortunately at the start of #1 I realized that my dropper seat post didn't lock, so I was riding with the saddle out, but couldn't sit on it... I tried a couple times and at some point it worked again but my focus was gone and the time could have been way better.

For the last stage (#2) I put the seat in the middle as it seemed to stay there, which cost me some time on the first pedaling section. The lower section was fun and I finally found my rhythm as this was more of a hard pack, flatter single track riding which I'm used to.

So the end was good, the event was great and I learned many things about enduro racing, the bike and myself! Looking forward to more training, better skills and less complaining!!

Ohh, btw I finished 23th in Cat.2

*The upper group photo is officially stolen from this homepage, where you also find a cool video of the event:

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