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Thanksgiving trip to Sacramento

This is a short video about our trip from the East Bay up to Sacramento and almost back... With a full rainy day on Sunday, we started our trip a day later, so we didn't make it all the way back home on the bike. We were running out of daylight and with craziness on the roads the night before Thanksgiving, we decided to "cheat" and call our taxi - which got stuck in traffic. Luckily we found a bar in Byron called "Wild Idol" and the locals were nice enough to let us park our bikes on the dance floor. After a couple beers and some more, we finally got back home in time for cookies, turkey and the Simpsons Marathon on TV!

All in all this was a nice trip to test our abilities for some bigger challenges, riding our bikes with full bags and figuring out what gear we need beforehand.

Thanks to Jim for joining us on the Davis to Sacramento stretch and our warmshowers hosts, Jane and David for a perfect first-time warmshowers try with delicious dinner, wine, breakfast... Thanks a lot for your generosity and making us feel at home!

For the rest, watch the video, it comes in high 1080p HD quality if your device and network can handle it. Bonne chance!

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