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San Luis Obispo Easter Tour - Day 1

Times flies by, so we're a little late on this one but for us it's more important to discover new adventures than talking about old ones, but here we go!

San Luis Obispo welcomed us with some nice showers, so we got some lunch and a warm soup before heading out into the rain. Luckily we just got some new rain gear, although I forgot my overshoes in the car...

After the first climb, we soon started hitting dirt roads which was super fun and made our new bikes and gear look like we already travelled around half the world. Very mystic those trees!

The first day was only a short trip as we drove down to San Luis Obispo and started our ride in the afternoon. 47km and 673m climbing.

Arrived in Pismo Beach and sun just came out before diving into the ocean.

After dinner we had a couple beers at the famous local bar, called Harry's night club. When getting back to the Motel I had to repair a slow leaking flat tire on my bike and we dried our clothes.

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