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Downieville Classic 2017

A year ago I stopped racing and took a break. So I didn't ride my MTB for 10 months and wasn't even sitting on a bike for the past 7 weeks when I decided, " I have to get the newest pair of Downieville socks!"

I signed up on a Sunday night, with less than 2 weeks to get back in shape for the race. I trained 8 days doing 2 MTB rides plus a run down from Packers Saddle to memorize the downhill part.

I was ready and my legs felt quite good on the climb and I was very comfortable on the descends thanks to my Ibis Ripley - until my legs cramped half way down. My body didn't really understand what happened there, coming from the couch to Downieville. From ice cream and brownies to electrolytes and gels. It was a great weekend - as always up there, and I'm glad that I participated in the XC race. Watching others would have killed me!

Thanks for the support from my wife Casandra and Mark, Jessica, Maise, the preride with Steve, CVC and Ibis for the rad bike! Special thanks to Mr. Blick @ Oakley for those awesome glasses who protected my eyes going down trough the "babyheads"!

Two legends from the MTB sport: Katerina Nash and Tracy Moseley. Downieville is a unique race, where XC racers meet Downhillers to crown the "All Mountain World Champion". 2017 winners were Nash and Geoff Kabush in the men's race.

photo: John Watson @the radavist

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